MicroTrauma: Diabetes Burnout During the Holidays!



So, with the holidays coming up I’ve been trying to decide what to write about. In the past, I’ve written about dealing with Family or food during the holidays, but I wanted to address something that could happen year-round that usually intensifies during holidays. The holidays are filled with stress and trigger the focus us away from our diabetes management abound.


Diabetes Burnout is sometimes misdiagnosed as depression, and it has links to problematic glycemic control and difficulties with self-care behaviors. It causes frustration with diabetes management, and left untreated it may stop management tasks altogether. The lack of motivation to test blood sugar level and make corrections creates erratic blood glucose levels while increasing hyper and hypoglycemic episodes.


With the changes in our schedules and carbs around every corner, it can be nearly impossible to adapt during the holidays and let’s not forget about the stress. This makes the holidays fraught with unexpected micro-trauma.


Micro-trauma is not necessarily the big stuff but the little repetitive day-to-day trauma that may cause the most anxiety, stress, and problems. Constant blood tests, injections/boluses, and monitoring along with emotional shifts that happen over and over again takes its toll, and over time, you may feel worn out, not only physically, but also emotionally...




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