Death Sentence Survival 101 (continued)

Growing up, I never wanted to talk about my diabetes. I would say to myself, “No one will understand what it is like living with diabetes!” I was wrong. Eventually, I found a therapist who was empathic to what I was going through, and it only took two decades to share diabetes-specific feelings.


After so long, a big weight was lifted off my shoulders and management started getting easier. Psychotherapy helped me. In turn, I decided to help others living with diabetes, and that is how I ended up talking about diabetes every day.


Therapy helped me realize it can be easier. With support from a non-biased individual, like a therapist, it gets easier, not instantly, but it does.


Good therapists create a safe non-biased environment where you can talk about your issues without policing/judgment from family or friends. Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapy is a place where you can get diabetes management support without having to deal with being judged or getting into an argument.


There are so many techniques to manage diabetes or manage the emotions that come from it. Many management methods are unknown, even to those living with diabetes for decades. Before studying to become a Certified Diabetes Educator or developing Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapy®,  I thought I knew everything about diabetes.


After years of helping people living with diabetes, I look back and realize how little I knew back then. There is always more to learn and no limit to how much we can grow, whether it is diabetes management or living a happier, well-balanced life.


We are always learning new things every day and psychotherapy helps people gain new levels of clarity about their relationships and themselves, so they can learn how to manage life with less negative emotions and frustration.


Unlike, the insensitive discussions around my diabetes growing up, these conversations are constructive and helpful to my clients. I have also learned so much from my clients over the years, tips, tricks and unique ways to manage. In return, I now have a wealth of knowledge I can pass along to my incoming clients.


And after all these years why do I keep going back for therapy? It’s no longer about feeling anxious, frustrated, angry, and depressed or the myriad of other issues I was going through. Therapy is a great support; reducing stress, providing clarity, and keeping diabetes burnout at bay.


So, I went from a death sentence to a happier life with a personally satisfying career helping others living with diabetes. Thanks to my mom, because she decided to send me to therapy. I didn’t want to go, but I am grateful I did. Go figure!


My therapy practice was created to help anyone living with diabetes. Please call (917) 272-4829 for more information or to schedule your first Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapy® Session.


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