Monday, December 8, 2018



“After attempting to work with several other therapists, I have now been seeing Eliot regularly for more than a year.  Truthfully, I don’t know where I’d be without all that he has offered me. Eliot has provided me with the tools to transform my life and step outside of myself, and all that I have known.  He has brought out my inner strength and resilience, allowing the real me to shine through and stop hiding. Before I met Eliot, I did a lot of pretending, putting forth this exuberant and effervescent personality.


Inside I was broken and torn in a million different directions unsure of how to put myself back together and feel “normal.” Not only have I learned to be honest with myself and everyone around me, but also I have learned the value of introspection and the ability to not only internalize feelings, but to express those feelings.


Thank you, Eliot, for providing me with an outlet and the sound advice you have always offered.  It is because of all of your guidance and support that I am now back on solid ground.  I live every day in optimism, and can genuinely say that I exude authentic self-confidence, self-worth, and happiness. ~Greg."


Wednesday, January 15, 2017



“ I would like to start by saying how thankful I am that I got into therapy when I did. Eliot Has helped me change my life so greatly that I've been considering going back to school for psychotherapy myself. Eliot is a great listener and was able to interpret what I said to help me make sense of it all.


Eliot has helped me build my self-esteem up. Prior to working with him, my life was crazy, and Eliot helped me realize that I wasn't crazy. With his help, I came to realize that I had a lot of anxiety due to poor communication skills. I'm in such a better place in my life physically, mentally, and emotionally after seeing him for over a year. I'm so grateful for how Eliot has touched my life. I recommend that anyone who feels that they may have a problem with addiction, diabetes or are in an emotional turmoil of any kind, talk to this man. Talking things out helps.


He impacted my life so greatly that I have referred several people to him. If he helped me straighten out my life, then he definitely can do the same for you. Good luck to you all and thank you, Eliot, for being there for me in my time of need.-Ralph "


Monday, September 16, 2017



“It is no exaggeration to say that I would not be the woman I am today had it not been for Eliot's powerful influence in my life. Eliot easily saw who I was. He slowly revealed it to me, and it was under his guidance that I was able to find the person that I always wanted to be. Through the lessons that he taught me about life and by being a living example of everything that I was striving for. A life of stability and joy with the confidence and inner peace that I, too, now enjoy.


Eliot is so generous with his wisdom that every session with him seemed to me a small (and sometimes big!) life-altering event. In the relatively short time that I was his client, Eliot helped me to define myself and my desires. He set me on a course of enlightenment and gratification that I have since been able to follow on my own.


In the years before having the good fortune to find Eliot, I bounced around from one therapist to another without being able to find a single one to inspire and educate me. My expectations may have been too high, but Eliot exceeded them.

Eliot was the first (and last) therapist to leave me with a lasting accomplishment - true independence. Eliot is one exceptional therapist, man, human being.


Almost a year has passed since my last session with Eliot, and I recently contacted him to give him thanks for the instrumental role that he played in me having the best year of my life since! I will always be grateful to this man. ~Catalina."



Tuesday, February 29, 2014



Mr. Eliot LeBow has been my therapist for over three years now.  When I first met Eliot, I was in bad shape, and I had little desire to continue in this world. However, I found a special comfort with Eliot, who I found to be very calm. He somehow managed to help me take back control of my somewhat horrific life and lifestyle. He has the patience of a Saint and most definitely treats you and your situation with deep and sincere concern.


He is an extremely well-educated therapist in many areas.  Speaking on a personal level, he treats and continues to treat me as an individual. I found him to be extremely professional but in a way that you feel like you can express yourself freely.

Each session we work on one of my issues, of which I have plenty, although a lot less than I had when I first begun with Eliot. Qualified in many areas his knowledge and intellect truly shows.


I still have a lot to work on, but he has brought me back to a place of sanity where I can at least understand where my problems lie. I would recommend to anyone seeking therapy to have a consultation with him. I can assure you he will help you overcome your issues and will explain the underlying cause of your problem(s).


Finally, I would just like to add that if it was not for Mr. LeBow, I honestly believe I would have given up. I still see him regularly, and I am extremely grateful for how far he has brought me through my pain and suffering.

Eliot LeBow has proved to me that therapy is an essential part of coping with situations in your life, and I would highly recommend Mr. LeBow to any person who may be in need of or seeking Psychotherapy.


Thursday, December 1, 2011



“Prior to coming to see you I’ve had little success in living a fulfilling life. With many issues such as low self-esteem, co-dependency problems and family matters. Things never seemed to get better. But, since I have been attending your therapy sessions for over a year and a half, I have been overcoming many of my past fears & obstacles.


With the support of your counseling, I’ve learned all about the many tools of recovery. Words such as sober thinking, self-worth, and self-care are truly meaningful. For they  are not just senseless words anymore, but positive self-affirmation in my everyday life.”


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